Q Can I apply directly to UIC for admission to undergraduate degree programmes as an International Student?

A If you belong to any of the following categories, you may apply for admission to the College as an International Student:

1. You are an overseas student who enters mainland China for the purpose of education.

2. You are a foreign student who lives in China on a non-immigrant visa/status.

Q What is the application period for International Student Application for 2022 entry?

A The application period ends on 30 June 2022. 

Q Where can I obtain the information of 2022-2023 International Student Application for Admission?

A Information is available on the International Student Application webpage:


Q How do I apply for admission as an International Student?

A Applicants are required to submit the completed application form to International Development Office by hand, email or post.

Q How can I know of my application has been submitted successfully?

A Upon paying the application fee and submitting the application form by hand, email or post, you will receive an acknowledgement of your application via email.

Q I am over 25 years old and have some working experience related to the study programme I wish to apply. Am I eligible to apply even if I have not met the entrance requirement?

A Persons who do not possess the formal academic qualifications required by the College admission requirements but are aged 25 on 1st of September in the admission year may be granted exemption from the University Admission requirements provided that they:

1. Have pursued an appropriate programme of study;

2. Are able to show by acceptable evidence that they have achieved sufficient competence in their chosen field of study to justify admission;

3. Can demonstrate their aptitude and suitability for a particular programme of study by virtue of their experience and maturity.

Q What are the minimum entrance requirements for applicants with overseas qualification?

A Please refer to the Admission Requirements for Applicants with Overseas Qualifications.

Q I am a Year One student of an Associate Degree Programme, what year of study can I apply for?

A Non-final year students of Associate Degree/High Diploma/Professional Diploma/Diploma are eligible to apply for Year One study only; whereas final year students may consider applying for Year One or Year Two of study that best suits their qualifications.

Programme Information

Q Where can I obtain information about UIC degree programmes?

A For details of degree programmes, please refer to the Undergraduate Handbook & Study Plan.

Language Requirements

Q What are the minimum language requirements for international applicants?

A English Language Requirements

i) A score of 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based) or 79 (Internet-based) or above in TOEFL; or

ii) A score of 6 or above in International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Academic Level; or

iii) Grade E or above in GCE AS Level or AL Level English; or

iv) Grade C or above in GCE O Level/GCSE/IGCSE English; or

v) Grade 3 in Joint Matriculation Board (JMB) University Test in English (or a pass in the NEAB University Entrance Test in English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Grade 12 students/Transfer Students/Credit Transfer

Q Can I apply for admission to UIC if I have only completed Grade 12 of secondary study?

A For non-local qualifications, applicants who have completed Grade 13 or Grade 12 with good grades, but without studying in a bachelor's degree programme for at least one year, may still be eligible to apply.  Application for this type will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.  For acceptable overseas qualifications, please refer to Admission Requirements for Applicants with Overseas Qualifications.

Q Can I apply for admission to undergraduate degree programmes as a transfer student?

A You may apply for admission to Year Two if you have completed at least one year of full-time study of a three-year Honours Degree programme or two years of a four-year Honours Degree programme at a tertiary education institution recognized by UIC. Upon successful admission, you may apply for the transfer of units for equivalent subjects at UIC.

Q Can I transfer the units I previously earned from other institution(s) to UIC?

A Upon successful admission, you may apply for transfer of units for equivalent courses at UIC. Under normal circumstances, students may be granted transfer units which amount to no more than one-third of the total units required for graduation. Furthermore, UIC reserves the right to refuse to grant units for courses which are not deemed to be equivalent to UIC courses and for courses with grades below the equivalence of grade C in UIC grading system.

Interview Arrangements

Q Do all UIC programmes require interviews?

A Under normal circumstances, shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview or written test. Interview arrangement may vary with programmes and subject to change.

Q When will the interviews be held?

A Admission interviews will normally be held from March to July.

Q How would I be notified if I am selected for interview?

A We will notify you of the interview details e.g. date, time and venue, by email/phone.

Admission Offer

Q How will I be notified if I am given an offer of admission?

A Admission offers are normally made during March to June. If you are offered admission, you will be notified by post/email/phone.

Q Can I assume my application unsuccessful if I do not receive any offer by September?

A Admission offer will normally be made before July of the admission year. Applicants who do not receive any notification by early August can assume that their applications were unsuccessful.

University Housing

Q Does UIC provide any on campus accommodation for students?

A Upon successful admission, all international students will be provided with on-campus accommodations.