Tuition and Expenses


Depending upon the exchange agreement between UIC and the respective partner institutions, an exchange student is normally required to pay the regular tuition fee to his/her home institution and hostel fee to UIC. For details, please check with your home institution and/or UIC’s International Development Office.

Administrative Fee

All exchange students are required to pay an administrative fee to cover costs such as pick up service fee, some academic and orientation services.

Estimated Cost

Please find below some estimated costs of some of the most common expenses for a student living in Zhuhai:

1: Transportation: Zhuhai offers a variety of transportation, including public buses, high speed trains and bike sharing. The average price of a public bus from UIC to downtown is about 1 RMB per time. Bike sharing is estimated to cost 2 RMB per hour of use.

2: Food: There are no meal plans offered at UIC. However, there are several canteens, and dozens of small restaurants on and around campus. Each of the meal is estimated around 8 to 50 RMB.

3: Textbooks: Some courses require the students to buy textbooks. The estimated cost of these textbooks can range from 200RMB to 1000RMB. Other textbooks and materials can be found in the Learning Resource Centre (library) that is located on the campus.

4: SIM card: The average cost is around 100RMB to 200RMB per month depending on the mobile service provider.