Programmes and Courses

UIC offers 23 programmes under Division of Business and Management, Division of Culture and Creativity, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and Division of Science and Technology. 


Division of Business and Management

Accounting Programme

Applied Economics Programme

Culture, Creativity and Management Programme

Finance Programme

Management of Human Resources Programme

Marketing Management Programme

Enterpreneurship and Innovation Programme

Division of Culture and Creativity

Culture, Creativity and Management

Cinema and Television

Media Arts and Design


Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Applied Translation Studies Programme *

Cinema and Television Programme

Contemporary English Language and Literature Programme

Government and International Relations Programme

International Journalism Programme

Public Relations and Advertising Programme

Social Work and Social Administration Programme **

Teaching English as a Second Language Programme

* This Programme requires the students to have a good command of both English and Chinese.

** This programme has reached the international standards of a Bachelor of Social Work programme. However, as it is an “off-shore programme”, it does not automatically lead to a recognized social work qualification (RSW) with the Social Workers Registration Board of Hong Kong; however, graduates can apply for RSW qualification on individual basis under the category of “individual applicant”. Additionally, SWSA graduates can still be employed by social service agencies of Hong Kong for related social service positions under different job titles such as project manager, programme officer/administrator, youth worker, etc. They can also pursue a recognized social work programme (RSW) at a Master’s degree level at local/overseas universities.


Division of Science and Technology

Applied Psychology Programme

Computer Science and Technology Programme

Environmental Science Programme

Financial Mathematics Programme

Food Science and Technology Programme 

Statistics Programme

Data Science Programme

Academic Registry prepares a handbook for students every year which includes the detailed information of all programmes and courses. Please go to Academic Registry webpage to download the Students Udergraduate handbook for further information.

The study load for visiting students at UIC is between 15 credits (5 courses) to 22 credits (7 courses) per semester. To get a real feel of the academic visit, we encourage students to enroll in 5 (or 6) courses per semester. Please consult with your academic advisor at your home institution before you submit your application.

You are free to choose and enroll in any courses you want (provided you meet the requirements of the courses). For credit transfer you should confirm your course selection with your academic advisor at your home institution. Please choose and list on the application form six to eight courses in order of priority of which you wish to study.(Six to eight courses are needed to avoid time tabling and other problems.) Based on the information, UIC will try to pre-register you in these courses. You need to be aware however, that as at your home institution, it may not always be possible for you to register for every class you choose.
Click here for the UIC Undergraduate Handbook . The specific courses that are offered in a given semester are subject to change. Consult the current list of course offerings online when planning your course selections.

Please note that you are required to stay in UIC throughout the semester(s). Early examinations cannot be arranged.  Please bear this in mind when you submit your application. If you cannot stay through the examination period, you should delay until you can come for a semester in which you can remain throughout the full examination period.