Why international and exchange students choose UIC

A new batch of international and exchange-in students have started their college life at UIC. A series of activities were organised to familiarise them with the new environment.

This year, a total of 16 international and exchange-in students of diverse backgrounds have chosen to study at UIC. They come from the US, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong SAR.

English-teaching environment erases language barrier

Palina Sakava from Belarus is a first-year student interested in media-related subjects. She said she longed to visit China long ago and had studied Chinese for three years before coming to China.


Palina Sakava at UIC

However, Palina still found it hard to learn in a Chinese-teaching set-up. “Finding a university teaching in English was the best option for me,” she said, attracted by UIC's English teaching environment. “In addition, I really liked UIC’s geographical location and nature. It's very beautiful here.”

Healthy teacher-student interactions release student potential

Andrea Isabelle Andrade from the Philippines is admitted by UIC's English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) Programme, seeking her bachelor's degree.


Andrea Isabelle Andrade at UIC

Andrea said that she gradually settled down and began to enjoy life here, thanks to the welcoming people. She really appreciated UIC's teachers: "I love how they encourage students to ask questions and tell us don't be afraid of our mistakes. It really creates a healthy environment for us to learn."

Unique courses pass down Chinese traditional culture

Lance Chan is an exchange-in student from Hong Kong Baptist University majoring in Chinese Literature and Language who will stay here for a semester.


Lance Chan at UIC

Lance said she was fascinated by UIC's Whole Person Education and Chinese culture courses, “I am attracted by some unique courses such as kayaking and Guqin lessons.” She also expressed excitement about exploring the College's facilities, including the Learning Resource Centre and Sports Complex. "UIC is really amazing!"

Liberal arts education encourages interdisciplinary study

Javier Yang is a third-year student from Beijing Foreign Studies University majoring in Electronic Commerce, and he decides to spend a semester at UIC.


Javier Yang at UIC

"I was impressed by the modern and futuristic campus when I arrived," he said, "and the learning resources here are very impressive too, especially the library." He also crossed his major and chose courses such as computer science, German, etc., to get hold of UIC's liberal arts education.

Besides expecting more engaging activities at UIC, they also look forward to exploring more about Zhuhai and experiencing the fast development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, immersing themselves in the local culture and community.

An orientation was held to welcome the new students, and the students attended it onsite and online.





International and exchange-in students listen to speeches at the orientation


Group photo

Associate Vice President (Student Development) Prof Stella Cho hoped the new students would enjoy the differences and diversities and fully use UIC's resources and opportunities provided by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


Prof Stella Cho gives the new students a welcome speech at the meeting


Director of IDO Dr Katharina Yu gave them a thorough introduction about the College, the city, the upcoming events in school and more

The International Development Office (IDO) and the Chinese Language and Culture Centre (CLCC) also organised a party to welcome the students and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together.

Vice President (Academic) Prof Huang Huaxiong welcomes the new students and wishes everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival













International and exchange-in students make moon cakes, design lanterns and prepare dumplings together with UIC's staff at the Mid-Autumn Festival party


Reporter/Photographer: Cecilia Yu

Editor: Deen He