Fabulous! UICers' overseas exploration

The summer break for UIC students was filled with various enriching activities, including UIC's overseas summer programmes. Some were invited to share their summer adventures and stories in overseas classrooms.

This summer, nearly 350 UICers participated in UIC's overseas summer programmes online and offline, embarking on journeys to renowned universities such as the University of Oxford, Yale University, and the National University of Singapore. Their footsteps covered Asia, North America, and Europe, engaging in learning and communicating with students and faculty from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Some students ventured to the University of Oxford, experiencing the timeless beauty of its culture. Some explored Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley, immersing themselves in the colourful diversity of North America. Some wandered through the University of Edinburgh, soaking up the unique charm of the North of England. Others found themselves at the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, breathing in the tropical vibes of the garden city.









In the time-honoured streets of Oxford, on the rippling waters of the River Thames, in classrooms, libraries, and theatres, students savoured the boundless vitality of knowledge and innovation.

With a rich academic atmosphere and diverse foreign cultures, UICers expanded their international perspectives during this holiday. They gained new knowledge and got acquainted with outstanding teachers and students worldwide.


Reporter: Cecilia Yu

Video: Covee Wang, Season Li

Photos provided by Covee Wang, Jia Yining, Sheng Yunxue, Rao Yunshi, He Jieying, Yang Na, Gu Zhiyi and IDO

Editor: Deen He