Yu Kyung JEON, South Korea


Major in GAD

Hello! My name is Yu Kyung Jeon. I am a degree-seeking student from South Korea.

At UIC, I am enjoying various experiences. I met a lot of friends, learned and shared different cultures between me and friends. And the biggest advantage I think is that we can learn the language by learning English as well as Chinese. I am looking forward to life at UIC in the future!

Dong Won Min, South Korea

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Major in Computer Science Technology

My name is Dong Won Min. I am degree seeking student in UIC from South Korea.

If someone ask me what is the strongest advantage of this university, I will answer it is language! Before I came to this university, I was not interested in learning English at all and my confidence about English was very low. Since I entered in this university, I had to deal with everything in English and Chinese. After time goes on, I realized that doing presentation in English is not a big deal to me anymore. Therefore, I highly recommend you if you want to learn English or improve your confidence in English, you can come to UIC and get what you want at here!.  

PARK, Yunju, South Korea


Major in CTV

"Hi, my name is Victoria. I've been an exchange student in UIC for 2 years now, and 2 more to go! I've always enjoyed many opportunities that UIC gives me to meet new people and try new things, including learning other languages as well as learning Chinese. It is a great experience to be a student here in UIC, i will never regret getting in here."

BOGYEONG SUH,  South Korea


Major in Acct

Hello I am BOGYEONG SUH. I am international student from Korea. and  I am year 2 student. Actually I still can not believe I'm already in year 2 because UIC's time really files. but UIC can do many things. I have met a lot of people and gained more good experience in UIC. I could make many friends more easily because my major have many people. So I could do many cultural exchanges. And I have to use Chinese in everyday life, I could learn Chinese naturally. Also, activities for hobbies of many students at school have become a reason that makes life interesting.


GOH Shien Zheng,  Malaysia

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Major in E-Business

UIC has a wonderful study environment. I feel very comfortable once I step into this university. The students and teachers are very friendly as they helped me when I have some problems. I am looking forward to develop my personal skilld and my hobbies here. I am really grateful that I chose the right place to pursue my studies.


SHEN Perry, U.S.A

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Major in Government and International Relations

UIC is a great place to be a student because it makes me feel included and welcomed right away. Not only are the staff and faculty very helpful, the students are friendly to a new face like mine. I also have great opportunities to explore new ideas and practice old hobbies and skills with the resources at UIC. It is awesome to have UIC to support and guide me at this important time of my life.


CELESTE Nevid, Venezuela

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Major in Media Arts and Design

UIC is a place full of great oportunities. With a diverse staff and plenty more diverse activities to partake in. Here at UIC there's more than just classes and lectures, there's a welcoming environment where there's a chance to grow as a person every day.


KANG Ho Yeon, South Korea

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Major in Computer Science Technology

In UIC have many kinds of advantage for me. I can learn Chinese and English together. And I can get many chances to meet international friends. While interacting with international students I can get to know various experience and enjoyment. At the end thank you to UIC for giving me these kinds of valuable experience.

BAE So Jung, South Korea

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Major in Culture, Creative Management

My name is BAE So Jung and I'm a degree-seeking student from South Korea.
At UIC, I can learn Chinese and English at the same time so it's good chance to improve language skills.
While get along with many international students, I could broaden sights and experience other different cultures.
With many activities for students, I could get lots of precious memories.

Arizton Po En PAMPLONA, U.S.A.


Major in Government and International Relations

Studying at UIC has helped me cultivate an international perspective, giving me exposure to the modern world and wholistic, relevant education through well-developed courses and capable staff from all over China and the world, including a lovely and caring international development office!

Yim Young Jun, South Korea


Major in Government and International Relations

While I am staying UIC, I could broaden my perspectives and I will learn more. I could meet unforgettable friends and enjoyed school life. It must be more and more enjoyable. Thx UIC!

Alea Gardner, U.S.A. 


My name is Alea and I am a degree-seeking student from the USA. I chose UIC for the opportunity it presented to study Chinese language and culture. Thus far, UIC has been a very beneficial and memorable experience. I have made several great friends, and love my Chinese roommate who has been very supportive in helping me adjust to life as a UICer. I enjoyed several of my classes and met faculty and students from around the globe. UIC has really given me a unique perspective and, as a foreigner studying in China, has opened my eyes to the numerous possibilities that an opportunity such as this presents. 

Sieun Lim, Korea


My name is Sieun Lim and I’m from Korea. I am currently studying in UIC as a freshman. It’s been a memorable year so far with all of my Chinese friends and other foreign friends. As a foreign student, I think UIC is one of the best places to study Chinese culture and the language. UIC offers Chinese class for international students and all international students are absolutely welcomed by all the UIC Chinese students. I personally gained special memories and friendships this year and I am very grateful that I got a chance to study in UIC.