What is the range of course choices available to me?

All the courses taught in UIC are in English except Chinese language and subjects related to Chinese. The list of course offerings for the 1st (Fall) Semester will usually be available in July, while that for the 2nd (Spring) Semester will be available in December. In general, exchange students are allowed to take any courses from the course list, provided they have met the prerequisite requirements.


How are subjects qualified for credit transfer back to my home institution?

Exchange students should check carefully with their home institutions about credit transfer of courses.


What is the housing provision for exchange students?

The housing provision for exchange students include one bed, closet, desk and shelf, one chair, and one LAN point connected to the college’s network system. Linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.) are the responsibility of the individual occupant. Please bring your own or buy them in Zhuhai. Each room has its own bathroom and shower facility. There is also a laundry area included in all student hostel buildings.


What is the arrangement for meals on campus, including costs?

The college does not have prearranged meals. Students can dine wherever they want, on or outside the campus. There are several canteens and many Chinese restaurants around UIC. Cost per meal in the canteens are  from 8 RMB to 35 RMB.


Should I arrange insurance from my home institution and/or my insurance agent?

All exchange students should have adequate insurance with international coverage.

Exchange students should first check with their home institutions and/or insurance agents about insurance coverage. Coverage in force from your home institution/agent that covers you in international circumstances should be retained, and even be required, if need be on a short-term basis, before coming. If necessary, the International Development Office can assist you in purchasing medical coverage for the duration of your stay in Zhuhai. But we strongly recommend the exchange students to purchase the insurance in their home country.


What are the arrival and departure dates for exchange students?

You should arrive about a week prior to the start of classes so that you will be able to participate in all orientation programmes, complete all necessary registrations, and familiarize yourself with your new environment. Before departure, students must complete all programme requirements, examinations, assignments and clearance procedures. For the exact dates of orientation programmes and examinations, please refer to the Academic Calendar.