Exchange students are housed in the Student Hostel Culture Village at UIC.

The majority of the rooms in the Student Hostel Culture Village accommodate two students, one is a Chinese student and the other is the exchange in student. All rooms are air-conditioned (separately controlled in each room). For each occupant, the provision includes one bed, closet, desk and shelf, one chair, and one LAN point connected to UIC’s network system.

Linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.) are the responsibility of the individual occupant. Please bring your own or buy them in Zhuhai. Each room has its own bathroom with toilette and shower. Other facilities include a common lounge (with a small pantry & kitchenette) on each floor, a multi-purpose room, a study room and a laundry area.

The rate schedule for a double occupancy room in the Student Hostel Culture Village is as follows:

Accommodation 2015-2016


US Dollars

1st ( Fall) Semester



2st ( Spring) Semester



* 1 US dollar is roughly pegged to 6.51RMB

Students are expected to pay room rates in full before the beginning of each semester. Monthly payments are not accepted. Room fees are not refundable. Students also need to pay 500 RMB deposit for utility expenses.

Air conditioning (A/C) and water expenses are not included in the accommodation fees. Students sharing rooms will be equally responsible for these expenses.


There are no meal plans offered at UIC. However, there are several canteens, and dozens of small restaurants on and around campus. Each of the meal is estimated around 8 to 50 RMB.