University of Alberta

Here is my testimonial, as an additional thank you note:

Our trip to United International College and the many local visits in Guangdong province offered me opportunities that would not be available to me as a scholar studying China from a distance, or as a tourist in an area where very little English is present in public spaces. As a result of these visits organized and led by Jasmine and Maggie, just like my students, I had the chance to take part in experiential learning and thus to deepen my understanding of life in China, of the history and of the culture of the country. What is more, as a writer, I had the chance to be in completely new situations and found much inspiration during this trip. The personal relationships we developed also helped me see more clearly the need for North Americans to establish ties with China, and to do so for the sake of these relationships themselves rather than solely for economic gains.

Thanks again, all the best,

Jerome Melancon

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