Checklist before you travel

When you first arrive in China you will have many things to think about. As well as travelling to UIC, you will need to settle in to life at the College. During your first few days and weeks you will be busy meeting new people, exploring the local area and starting your courses.

There will also be practical arrangements to take care of such things as opening a bank account and registering with the police. For more information on what to expect when you reach China please read the " International Student Handbook.pdf &  Handbook of COVID-19.pdf". Please remember that you will not be on your own during this time. There are members of staff at the College to help you. The following are some basic things you need to prepare before you travel and bring with you to China.

·Travel documents and passport

·Original offer letter

·Original medical report and all the Tests Records/Results. (if you did medical check in your home country and need to apply for residence permit in China)

·The white and yellow pages of JW202 Form

·Credit card (and/or debit card with overseas access), cash for the journey and for the first three to four weeks.

·Payment of fees

·2 recently-taken 1-inch hatless full face colour photos

·A supply and description of any prescribed medication you are taking

·Contact details of your school coordinator (exchange students) and the International Office

·Pre-paid phone card for emergencies/mobile phone

For new exchange students, you also need:

·1 electronic copy of recently-taken hatless full face colour photo (600*600) – new exchange students only

For new International degree-seeking students, you also need:

·Original certificates/transcripts of academic qualifications or attested copies as required in the offer letter (for verification) [they can be sent to the Admission Office prior to your arrival or be brought with you to registration]

We look forward to welcoming you to the United International College. The College offers pick-up service to all new International students. Please email IDO ( your arrival information at least one week before your arrival to book the pick-up service.