Summer Programmes

The International Development Office organizes different overseas Summer Programmes every year. The duration of the Summer Programmes is usually FOUR to FIVE weeks. The programmes are designed with different academic or language focuses and are tailor made to meet the needs of UIC students.

The programme fees include tuition, room & board, and field trip expenses. The fees are payable directly to the host institution. Participants of the Summer Programmes are responsible for their air-fares, personal spending, and travel insurances.

Summer Programmes are open to all year one, year two and year three UIC students. As these programmes are academically and culturally intensive experiences, applicants need to have a cGPA 2.0 or above and they have to be proficient in English.


暑期项目一般为期4到7周,在每年的暑假期间举行。这个项目根据不同的国家不同的院校设计了很多不同专业科目和很多不同语言背景的主题和活动,主要面向所有大一至大三的UIC学生。候选人的选拔标准是CGPA 2.0。

我们的暑期学习分布在美国、法国、加拿大、韩国、意大利和英国等各合作院校。学生在不同大学学习的主题包括“ 影视制作”“明尼苏达的历史和文化”“欧美文化”“英语学习”“韩语学习”等等。部分暑期学习可以转学分,在帮助同学们体验不同文化和教育、融入英语语言环境的同时,还实现了在国外课堂继续国内学业的目的。暑期项目涵盖海外11所学校,分布在美国、法国、加拿大、英国、新西兰、韩国等,每年参与同学有200名左右。