Director of the International Development Office (IDO) Dr Katharina Yu welcomed the students on 8 October to the first night of the three IDO’s summer programme information sharing sessions, where various students shared their experiences of studying abroad.

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Dr Katharina Yu welcomes everyone to the sharing session

The purpose of these sharing sessions is to provide a way for any UIC student, with an interest to study abroad, to learn and get a better idea of IDO’s summer programmes. The presentations involved information on courses, life, culture differences, weather, food, safety, as well as general advice and tips. IDO administrative officer Ms Jasmine Sun Huimin was supported by IDO Administrative Assistants Ms Ann Hu Qian and Ms Jessy Peng Zeying to help organise this event.

Presenting the first night was several students who studied at colleges across North America over the summer.

The first students to talk were Finance (FIN) students Ms Feng Shihui and Mr Hu Jiaqi. They both spoke about their experiences at Cornell University, beginning with what it is like to study there by explaining the different learning environment. Ms Feng and Mr Hu then talked about what to do, what to eat and what to see while studying at Cornell.

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Feng Shihui and Hu Jiaqi talking about the different learning environments

English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) student Ms Li Xinran had a great time in Canada at Simon Fraser University and spoke about all her adventures there as well as offering information about travelling. She also introduced her personal life there with photos of the friends she had made and the different types of people in the area.

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Li Xinran talks about her experience in Canada

Following Ms Li was a presentation by ELLS student Ms Lu Xingying and Accounting student Mr Ding Yang, who were in Canada at the University of Victoria during the months of July and August. They talked a lot about personal accounts of friends they had made and the interactions and learning opportunities they had. They showed what life was like there and what others can do if they attended University of Victoria.

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Lu Xingying and Ding Yang spoke about their time in Canada

FIN student Mr Yan Xingyi spent time over the summer break at the University of British Columbia in Canada. His sharing session discussed how his schedule was set up and what he did for study and social life. The students all had PowerPoint presentations with photos that helped the audience understand and see.

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Yan Xingyi explaining his university life in Canada

Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM) student Mr Zeng Dezheng and FIN student Ms Ji Lin introduced their time at Bethany Lutheran College. They had a great time over there and had videos showing some of the activities they did, including some footage of their project.

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Zeng Dezheng and Ji Lin had a great time in the US

After the presentations, students from the audience had many questions to ask the students who had presented and the IDO staff members. They wanted to get a better understanding and expressed genuine eagerness to participate in future summer programmes.

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Many students in the audience asked questions

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Ms Jasmine Sun answering a student's question

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Group photo from the first night

The second night of IDO’s summer programme information sharing sessions started with a welcome from Ms Jasmine Sun. The second night focused on students who studied in colleges across Europe during the summer.

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 Ms Jasmine Sun welcoming everyone

The first student of the night was FIN student Ms Liu Yiqing who spent the summer studying at ESADE Business School in Spain. She showed off many of the beautiful buildings and landmarks she saw while there, along with pictures of the different cuisines she ate.

20191010 2

Next up was FIN student Ms Ou Zhiling, MHR student Ms Lin Xinyi and CTV student Mr Yan Xujie. The three studied at the University of Vienna, Austria. The three students excitedly presented about their time in Austria and talked about the fun cultural events they were able to experience. Their presentation ended with a fun video that Mr Yan Xujie created and it showed all of the friends they made as well as their overall experience in Vienna.

FIN student Ms Jin Shanmei and ENVS student Mr Pang Xingming continued by telling us about their time at Lancaster University in England. The two were eager to share about the university and the differences in culture between China and England.

20191010 4

Continuing after was Environmental Science student Mr Zan Rudai who studied at Westminster University in England. He confidently got on stage and talked about how life changing his time was and how he misses it. He also talked about reverse culture shock and the struggles of coming back home after an experience abroad.

20191010 10

 The students that presented were very well prepared

After that, accounting student Mr Gao Tianyi shared his experience at Palacky Uniersity, Olomouc in the Czech Republic. He shared many pictures of the foods he ate, along with different tips and advice for studying abroad.

20191010 6

Lastly, PRA student Ms Cao Xueyan and FM student Mr Xie Zihan spoke about their time at St. Petersburg National Polytechnic University in Russia. The last two to speak were gleaming with excitement to share their unique experience abroad. The two had many pictures to show of the friends they made. In addition, they shared some information about the different classes they took.

20191010 7

IDO gave out brochures to the audience

The talks concluded with various questions from students in the audience about the different programs the students had attended along with logistical questions for the staff of IDO. The students seemed excited and ready to continue researching the different places to study abroad.

20191010 15

 Group photo from the second night

The Third night of IDO’s summer programme information sharing sessions started with a welcome from Ms Jasmine Sun. The third night’s sharing focused on students who studied in colleges across Asia as well as Oxford in the UK during the summer.

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Group photo from the third night

The first students to talk were CTV students Ms Wang Geer and Mr Luo Feicheng, they both shared their time at Oxford University in England. They talked about what is it like to live there and what you will need to study at Oxford University. The two students enjoyed their time abroad and thought that each experience has become a precious memory in their lives.

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The following presentation was by ELLS student Ms Cai Yuyan, she introduced her time at Kyung Hee University in South Korea. She shared the whole picture on what the summer programme looked like at and her own experience on courses, food, as well as many kinds of activities.

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Cai Yuyan talked about her time at Kyung Hee University

Afterwards, GIR student Ms Jing Yanan talked about her time at the University of Seoul in South Korea. She shared her course schedule and what she did for study and social activities as well as saying she had a great time at the University of Seoul.

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Jing Yanan talking about South Korea

APSY student Ms Deng Yunxi and PRA student Mr Zhao Junjian studied at Nangyang Technological University in Singapore during the summer. Their presentation began with a video that Mr Yi Chengsi created and it showed their overall experience at Nangyang Technological University. They thought it was an enjoyable journey and memorable experience over there. They shared what they learned from the teachers and told the audience that they were “patient and open-minded” which helped them develop themselves. They really enjoyed the programme.

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The students really enjoyed the presentation

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Q&A session

The sharing ended with questions from members of the audience for the students who had presented as well as IDO staff. The students in the audience listened attentively and in a hope to learn more about the summer programs in the future.

Reporters/Photographers: Samuel Burgess (MPRO), Lauren Richardson (MPRO), Ann Hu (IDO)
Editors: Deen He (MPRO)
(from MPRO)