The UIC Scholarship Presentation Ceremony for the Academic Year 2019-2020 was held at the University Hall on 31 March 2021. Fifteen types of scholarships, amounting to over 17 million yuan, were awarded to 1,880 recipients based on their performances and achievements. The total amount and awardees mark a new high.

At the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

In his address, President of UIC, Prof Tang Tao, said that the scholarships presented the recognition to awardees' excellence. He hoped that UIC students could make contributions to society with their talents. He encouraged students to discover and develop their advantages, and gain and master professional skills.

Prof Tang also mentioned that UIC set up a scholarship and incentive programme for students' leadership development to encourage students' diversified development.

This year, there are a few new scholarships: HK, Macao and Overseas Chinese Students Scholarship, Taiwanese Student Scholarship, Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship, the Scholarship Scheme for Internship and Social Practices, and more. In addition, each first-year student from Hubei Province in 2020 could receive a 20,000RMB tuition reduction.

Prof Tang Tao (first from right) presents Professor Xu Jialu Whole Person Education Award

Prof Tang Tao (first from right) presents the Ching-Fai Shuk Wah Scholarship

UIC Provost Prof Chen Zhi (first from right) presents Mr and Mrs Cutrupia Scholarship to awardees

UIC Provost Prof Chen Zhi (first from right) presents the Mr Fung Sun Kwan Scholarship of Excellence to awardees

UIC's alumni and the co-founder of Zhuhai Beeplus Technology Ltd., Mr Lin Hong (first from right), presents the Beeplus Scholarship

UIC alumni representative Mr Wu Haomin (first from right) presents Hand in Hand Student Loan

Vice President (Administration) Prof Mao Yaqing (first from right) presents National Scholarships

Vice President (Academic) of UIC and Dean of the Division of Science and Technology (DST), Prof Huang Huaxiong (first from right), presents the First Class Award

Vice President (Research and Development) of UIC, Dean of Graduate School, Prof Jia Weijia (first from right), presents the First Class Award

Associate Vice President (Student Development) Prof Stella Cho (first from right) presents Renewal of the HK School Principal Nomination Bursaries and Taiwanese Student Scholarship

Associate Vice President (Student Development) Prof Stella Cho (first from right) presents UIC Student Internship Scholarship

Associate Vice President (Internationalization), Dean of Division of Humanities and Social Science, Prof Adrian Bailey (first from right) presents the Second Class Award

Some awardees of the Admission Scholarship 2020, Renewals of Admissions Scholarship, Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship

Wang Yixuan, a senior student from Finance Programme, who got the National Scholarship and the First Class Award, expressed her gratitude to UIC and scholarship donators. She said that it was the high-quality teaching offered by UIC's teachers that helped her to advance. She also shared her experience in self-expression, time management, team spirit and other aspects.

Wang Yixuan shared her experience

She suggested students consider their tasks as opportunities for self-development. She emphasised the importance of time management and recommended students raise their learning habits and methods. The core of time management is not only about making to-do lists but also finishing tasks efficiently.


Reporter: Du Jiewen

Editors: Covee Wang, Samuel Burgess, Deen He