This summer, in addition to the online summer programme from universities like Yale University, Nanyang Technological University and so on, UIC students can also set off on meaningful trips and or summer camps within China to learn cultures and histories, do sports, or support rural education.


UIC will organise its own first Summer Programme this July and August to enrich students' summer learning experience and meet their learning knowledge needs in different fields. UIC will provide 42 summer courses, including linear algebra, accounting principles, Chinese cultural tourism studies, advertising, cultural diversity and many more. Students from Year 1 to Year 3 can choose according to their major or interests.

Students can also sign up for online summer courses at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and attend classes with students from HKBU and its partner institutions. This programme offers 23 courses, all taught by HKBU teachers. Students can have different learning perspectives and experiences brought by the HKBU curriculum.

This year, overseas universities offer nine online summer programmes from respectful institutions such as the University of Oxford (UK), Yale University (US), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), ESADE Business School (Spain), and Lille Catholic University (France).

From June to August, the Whole Person Education summer programmes will include field studies, social services, sports and outdoor experiences, and cultural exchange. Students can observe China's beauty, seek their inner peace, and contribute to society.


Screenshots of online summer courses in 2020


Summer programmes from previous years

Chen Canrong, Year 3 student from the English Language and Literature Studies Programme, participated in the Yale University online summer program in 2020. He believes that he can experience top international universities' teaching and accumulate experience for postgraduate applications; he also hopes to communicate with more outstanding students.

Hu Yu, who graduated from the Finance programme in 2020, signed up for the Adream Coach Programme during her sophomore year. The Adream Coach Programme is a charity project initiated by the Shanghai Adream Foundation and UIC with the familiar concept of promoting charity and Whole Person Education. Hu Yu followed the team to a primary school and a middle school in Xinjiang. She had in-depth exchanges with local frontline teachers, shared the concept of Whole Person Education, and provided ideas for frontline teachers to carry out quality education. This experience also gave Hu Yu a better understanding of what Whole Person Education is. She believes that the concept helps students cultivate internal and continuous development. Whether it is in primary education or higher education, it is worthy of promotion.


Summer projects from previous years

Hu Jingzhi, Year 3 student from Accounting Programme, participated in the Silk Road programme in 2019. She explained that she had never set foot in Northwest China before. During the 18 day trip, it was full of surprises as she was deeply awed by the magical craftsmanship of nature and also learned a lot about the geography and customs of the Northwest. In just over half a month, they had crossed Qinghai, Gansu, and Tibet. They appreciated landscapes of deserts, grasslands, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. Jingzhi said she was also very fortunate to meet many outstanding schoolmates and share beautiful memories with them.


Reporter: Covee Wang

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He