At UIC, there are currently 64 visiting students from Emerson College, the University of Washington, and Concordia College in the US, and Kyung Hee University in South Korea.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their studies abroad were suspended, and thus, they chose to continue their studies in UIC for one semester or academic year. After joining UIC, they quickly integrated into the international learning environment and gained a fresh experience.

Wu Ziyun (2018 cohort, Emerson College)

Wu Ziyun likes UIC's international learning environment very much. After two years of college life in the US, she quickly adapted to UIC's open and diversified education model. She said that professors at UIC are from various countries, and this brought her diverse thinking modes. She also enjoyed cooperating with other students in group projects.

This semester, Wu Ziyun chose media translation and social psychology as her free elective courses. In her words, UIC's free elective courses offered her opportunities to learn more professional knowledge in different fields.


Wu Ziyun (middle) in the Sports Park with her fellow students

Besides the learning atmosphere, Wu Ziyun also prefers the living environment of UIC. In her spare time, she would exercise at the Sports Park with her friends or wander around and visit the Huitong village.

Chen Linlin (2020 cohort, Kyung Hee University)

Chen Linlin was firstly attracted by UIC's whole-person education concept. After joining UIC, she studied the Emotional Intelligence course this semester. Linlin said that she was deeply impressed by the "three good things" assignment during the course. It helped her discover those 'hidden' happiness in everyday life and fostered her positive college life attitude.

12BDCChen Linlin (front row, first from the right) and her classmates from the Emotional Intelligence class

Also, mindfulness meditation in the course brought different experience to Linlin. She had a preliminary understanding of mindfulness meditation before. Through the meditation exercise in class, she had a more profound knowledge of it. She mentioned that mindfulness meditation could relax her from busy college life and help her find inner peace.

Furthermore, Chen Linlin actively participated in various college activities, including lectures, English corner sessions, and the Model United Nations Conference. She said that this visit to UIC vastly enriched her own experience and enabled her to make more breakthroughs in different fields.

Jia Anqi (2020 cohort, The University of Washington Seattle)

Jia Anqi was also impressed by UIC's diversified course arrangement. She believed that those non-major courses gave her rich knowledge. Also, she said that the group work in the course helped cultivate students' spirit of cooperation, which would greatly benefit both interpersonal communication and future career.


Jia Anqi (second from left) discussing with her group members

Luo Jie (2019 cohort, Emerson College)

Luo Jie came to UIC in 2020. In her eyes, UIC is a dynamic college. UIC students are very warm, friendly, and self-motivated, which greatly encouraged her to try new things and jump out of her comfort zone. In UIC, she made full use of her spare time, participating in many activities and gained an all-around experience.


Luo Jie (left) participating in club activities


Reporter: Xia Meng

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang