BNU-HKBU UIC 2022 International Student Recruitment Detail information

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) was jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. It is the first university jointly established by the higher education sectors of mainland China and Hong Kong, and has been specially approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Since its establishment in November 2005, UIC has rapidly developed into an international university with a unique educational philosophy. UIC implements four years of English-taught programmes, and the students are awarded the UIC diploma and the Hong Kong Baptist University bachelor's degree certificate, which are recognized in China, Hong Kong and internationally. The following are the specific requirements for admission of international students to the undergraduate program in 2022:

I. Disciplines and programmes of enrollment

UIC has four divisions – Division of Business and Management, Division of Culture and Creativity, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and Division of Science and Technology - with a total of 28 undergraduate programmes.

  • Division of Business and Management:

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Accounting)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Finance)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Applied Economics)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Management of Human Resources)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Marketing Management)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (e-Business Management and Information Systems)

  • Division of Culture and Creativity:

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Culture, Creativity and Management)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) (Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) (Media Arts and Design)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) (Animation and Interactive Media)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Cinema and Television)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Musical Arts)

  • Division of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) (Globalisation and Development)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Chinese Culture and Global Communication)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Public Relations and Advertising)

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) (Media and Communication Studies)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (English Language and Literature Studies)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Applied Translation Studies)

  • Division of Science and Technology:

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Computer Science and Technology)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Applied Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Artificial Intelligence)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Environmental Science)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Statistics)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Food Science and Technology)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Applied Psychology)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Financial Mathematics)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Data Science)

II. Learning style and learning duration

The undergraduate programme of UIC is a full-time programme with a duration of 4 years.

III. Application qualifications

To apply for admission to our undergraduate programmes, applicants should:

1. Meet general college admission requirements and specific program admission requirements (if any)

2. The College may conduct written tests and/or interviews with applicants if necessary.

IV. Application time

Applicants should submit their application materials to the International Development Office at or through online system before June 30 each year.

V. Application procedures

1. Applicant can visit for online application, or download and fill in the form of undergraduate programme admission for international students and send to

2. International Development Office will review the applicant's information in accordance with national and university policies. International Development Office will review the applicant's source school, academic level and moral character according to all the materials provided by the applicant.

3. International Development Office will transfer the application materials to division and Academic Registry for reexamination. The division will select the applicants for the interview and send out the interview notice. The specific interview time will be determined by the division. The contents of the interview include personal learning experience and achievements, understanding and opinion of the application project, my study plan etc.

4. After the retrial is passed, International Development Office will notify the applicant by email within two weeks and issue the offer letter. The applicant should send the receipt to and pay 10% of the tuition fee within two weeks after receiving the offer letter. The full scholarship winner should pay the accommodation fee. Upon receipt of the payment, International Development Office will assist the applicant to process the JW202 form and other visa application documents.

VI. Submit application materials

Applicants should complete the undergraduate program application form and prepare the following materials:

1. High school diploma

2. High school transcripts

3. Two letters of recommendation

4. Personal Statement

5. Copy of passport

6. Scholarship Application Form (if any)

7. Language Certificate (IELTS minimum score of 6, TOEFL minimum score of 79)

8. Financial Statement

After all the above materials are provided and the requirements are met, International Development Office will register the application for the applicant.

VII. Application Fee

Starting in 2021, international students applying to undergraduate programs will not have to pay any application fee.

VIII. Admission

According to the interview results of the division, the International Development Office will determine the admission list after comprehensive review. The admission list will be published by International Development Office.

IX. Enrollment

New international students will enroll in mid-August 2022 (please refer to the final information released by International Development Office for the registration date). Admitted students are required to attend UIC for admission and registration in strict accordance with the time specified in the offer letter.

X. Tuition fees and scholarships

1. Tuition fees

Tuition for general majors: RMB 100,000 / academic year

Tuition for Musical Arts: RMB 120,000 / academic year

Accommodation Fee: RMB 6,400 per person/academic year for a double room, RMB 4,000 per person/academic year for a triple room.

2. Scholarships

International students can apply for the following three types of scholarships:

1. Full scholarship for tuition (RMB 100,000), accommodation at own expense.

2. 30% scholarship, 30% tuition fee reduction (RMB 30,000), accommodation at own expenses.

3. The Education Department of Guangdong Province will provide scholarship of RMB 10,000 for overseas students.

XI. Visa and medical insurance

Admitted students must apply for a study visa to China at the Chinese Embassy with the Admission Notice and Application Form for Study Visa to China (JW202). Students who will study in China for more than 6 months will need to apply for an X1 visa, which will be converted into a residence permit for study at the International Development Office within 30 days after arriving in China.

China's Ministry of Education stipulates that international students must buy medical insurance in China. UIC will purchase appropriate insurance for all international students.

XII. Graduation and Degree Awarding

Upon completion of the study, those who have completed all the requirements stipulated in the training plan and passed the thesis defense will be granted graduation and a graduation certificate issued by UIC and a bachelor’s degree issued by Hong Kong Baptist University.

XIII. Other matters

1. Undergraduate students are not allowed to hold more than one student status at the same time.

2. If a new international student enrollment policy is issued in the year of 2021, our university will make corresponding adjustments and make a timely announcement.

Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University

United International College

International Development Office

November, 2021