Across the Other Pond: UIC Co-Founds a Pacific Liberal Arts Coalition

UIC has joined forces with eight other liberal arts universities and colleges across the Pacific to found PALAC (Pacific Alliance of Liberal Arts Colleges). This coalition is dedicated to bringing together the varied cultures and expertise of its member colleges in order to further our understanding of the liberal arts, contribute to the economies of the participating countries, and train a new generation of visionary students and staff who are aware of, and comfortable moving in, diversity.

PALAC is comprised of nine universities and colleges from the Pacific region broadly defined: Soka University of America, Pomona College (US), University of Puget Sound (US), Quest University Canada, Duke Kunshan University (China), NYU Shanghai (China), Fulbright University Vietnam, Hong Kong Baptist University, and our very own BNU-HKBU United International College. PALAC members plan to carry out the group’s mission in the near future by building leadership exchange initiatives, expanding the dialogue about liberal arts and global issues, collaborating to research climate change, and creating shared digital archives for intellectual property and other resources.

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